Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Not feeling generous

ZIN 36 CD/DVD pack arrived just in time for Christmas. Compared to ZIN’s previous offering, it is an improvement. Not very much of it, but still.

Music-wise, more of the same. The song called Taboo is nothing else but Chorando Se Foi (yes that Lambada). The only interesting one is Taki Contry which is slightly confusingly marked as “Celtic / Bluegrass”.

Now DVD. Live class in Ballerup — does not matter really, could have been anywhere. I mean, you can’t feel much of local Danish flavour. This time, Beto is on his own. I think he looks tired of all that. The camera still does not show enough close-ups; instead, now and then we have panoramic views of audience. What for? Once again, the last number, Taki Contry, is the only unusual choreo, with stepdance, Indian and country-and-western elements. I wish Beto did not take his top off though. The rest is OK, some useful moves, but not on the level of, say, ZIN 29.

One-on-one choreo with Kass Martin is even less impressive. The studio where she presents it now has some honeycomb-inspired background. Most unfortunate.

Now I really have to say a few words about this here ZIN 36 Sneak Peek. It looks like Zumba gets meaner in respect of its official videoclips too. ZIN 33 Sneak Peek was 1:29, while ZIN 35th was just under a minute. But the latest one is measly 21 seconds, several of which — frankly, quite unforgivably — show some Zumba fan adjusting her Zumbawear bra. If it was meant to make anyone curious, it fails spectacularly.

Song List

  1. La Fiesta Ya Se Encendió – Merengue *
  2. Culebra – Salsa *
  3. Rica y Apretadita – Techno Cumbia *
  4. Taboo – Axé / Urban *
  5. Chupeta De Trem – Calypso / Batucada *
  6. Te Ves Buena – Reggaeton *
  7. Save The Last Dance For Me – Cha-cha-chá *
  8. Las Gatitas – Reggaeton ◊
  9. Taki Contry – Celtic / Bluegrass ◊
* Covers
◊ Zumba Fitness originals

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