Friday, 21 October 2011

Give me an adventure

Aqua Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold-Toning, the brand-new Zumba Sentao™... Am I alone in thinking that with all this branching out, Zumba Fitness starts to lose its focus somehow? According to my Zumba instructor training manual,
The choice of music for a Zumba workout is the single most important element in a Zumba class.
Well then, let’s concentrate on music. In spite of all the diversification, the music supplied by Zumba progressively becomes less and less interesting. The latest ZIN 35 music CD is out there as if to illustrate this unfortunate trend. With the notable exception of mapalé Adiós Fulana, the tunes are instantly forgettable.

Now the DVD. The live class was shot at the Zumba Convention 2011. What a disappointment. I mean, forty minutes of the same five blokes, even if one of them is Beto, almost entirely in wide shot? And then the bonus track of the same five blokes plus Wyclef. Come on guys, I know you can do better. Better music, better camerawork, better Zumba! And when I say “better”, I mean “more adventurous”.

ZIN music CDs and especially choreography DVDs are part of the ZIN deal, in fact one of the main reasons to join ZIN. One can be excused for expecting quality music and quality choreo. When ZIN fails to deliver the quality, I cannot help feeling robbed.

Song List

  1. Trai La Bulla – Cumbia / Merengue
  2. Me Voy Pa Cali – Salsa
  3. Feel Like Dancing – Ragga / Pop
  4. Bounce – Merengue
  5. Conga (Zumba Remix) – Techno
  6. Qué Te Pasa – Cumbia / Hip-Hop
  7. Adiós Fulana – Mapalé
  8. A Namorada – Funk / Pop / Brazilian
  9. Quiero Volver A Mis 20 – Bachata

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