By now everybody knows that New Year resolutions do not work. Never mind that, but by the mid-Summer we also want our bodies slim and sexy all ready for the beach. The magazines are full of helpful advices, which also do not work. And why should they? Let’s face it, dieting makes you feel either hungry or guilty or both at the same time, while going to gym is plain boring. Check what The Lazy Person’s Guide to Life says about sport in general (if it is not too much work, that is).

Cheer up, dear reader: not all is lost. You can do worse than trying a Zumba class. Colombian Alberto “Beto” Pérez invented this dance fitness workout whatever program in 1990s and called it “Rumbacize”. This name, apparently, mutated to “Zumba”. (There is a town in Ecuador called Zumba but I don’t know how or whether it is connected to Zumba the dance thing.) It doesn’t matter if you never danced in your life. You don’t have to be fit to do Zumba. You don’t even have to want to be fit. All you need is the right attitude: Ditch the workout, Join the party! — probably first ever corporate slogan I like.