Thursday, 28 June 2012

Now he raps too

I will be honest with you: I’ve seen worse than ZIN 39. Sure, the music is, to put it mildly, not the best — and not very diverse, even by Zumba standards. (Do we need that much electro merengue?) The only happy exception is Indian Moonshine, where I liked both live class and one-on-one versions. But it is nice to see Beto in good form and enthusiastic about the whole thing again, perhaps for the first time since ZIN 33 (and that was published a year ago! Incidentally, that was the first ZIN volume I have received, and the most last useful one.)

I like the new one-on-one format, presented here by ZES Steve Boedt. The breakdown of steps now goes on top of (rather than before) the demonstration. On the other hand, after hearing it once, you may want to switch the commentary off — and you can!

There are three bonus videos on the DVD: Baila mi Son by Ensamble, Crazy Love featuring Mara and not particularly good rap from Beto, and Sweet Girl by Zumba Fitness. (For the last time: there is no such artist as Zumba Fitness. Why would anybody call oneself after a fitness company?) As is the case with most of bonus material, it is completely disposable.

Song List

  1. Pégate Más – Electro Merengue *
  2. Sweet Girl – Merengue House ◊
  3. Baila mi Son – Salsa – by Ensamble
  4. El Rey – Cumbia *
  5. El Jefe — Latin Hip-Hop *
  6. Ella me Copia – Techno Bachata / Rumba Flamenca ◊
  7. Indian Moonshine – Bhangra Folk Fusion ◊
  8. Party Rock Anthem – Electro House *
  9. Dueño de Nada – Urban Merengue – by Mara
  10. Crazy Love – Electro Merengue – by Mara
* Covers
◊ Zumba Fitness originals

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