Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Zumba, as seen in Gran Hermano

Where is everybody? I mean, everybody? OK, let’s see, there was Semana Santa, then Feria de Abril, then Día del trabajo... But that’s it. Is it? There were very few people attending recently. And when I say very few, I really mean very few. You know that even if just one person turns up, I give a class. During the last two weeks, three classes were cancelled. Not a good sign.

If you remember, two months ago I did my first fundraising Zumba class in CEIP “Antoñito El Farero”. Which I thought was a success: local people were talking (at last!) about Zumba. So I did expect a little bit more turnout for our second Zumba event on 7 May 2012. Obviously I was wrong. Maybe it was too short a notice, but there were far less people yesterday.

Could it be that everybody was watching Gran Hermano instead? For some time, my fellow Spanish Zumba instructors were discussing Zumba being promoted on The Big Brother. Personally I do not subscribe to a view that every publicity is good publicity. Zumba, “as seen in Gran Hermano”? If I never heard about Zumba, I would probably say “no, thank you”.

Still, I got my endorphins going wherever they go, couple of new songs were learned for the occasion, and there were children who apparently enjoyed Zumba too (especially the fact that some of them got to wear hip scarves). Tamara did two songs with me, Hecha Pa’lante and La Gota Fría. All in all, I think it was not a bad class.

Song List

  1. Mbube — Warm-Up (1) — African song — by Miriam Makeba
  2. Samba De Janeiro — Warm-Up (2) — Samba Dance
  3. Chillin’ — Merengue
  4. Vivre — Salsa — by Zap Mama
  5. Alegria Pa Zumbar — Samba
  6. Busamba — Salsa / Cha-cha-chá
  7. La Peinada — Quebradita
  8. Hecha Pa’lante — Bellydance
  9. La Gota Fría — Cumbia
  10. Hindu Cumen — Indian Fusion / Cha-cha-chá
  11. Mambo — Rumba Flamenca — by Bandoleros
  12. Caipirinha — Brazilian Dance / Bellydance
  13. Aña Pa’ Mi Tambor — Salsa — by La Excelencia
  14. Zorba — Sirtaki
  15. Vuelvo al sur — Cool-Down — Tango — by Gotan Project

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