Sunday, 22 January 2012

Aqua Zumba Vol. 6 and MegaMix 27

Back in June 2011, I attended the Aqua Zumba training and Zumba Masterclass in Liverpool with ZES Kelly Bullard. Without any exaggeration, it was a truly remarkable experience. I was looking forward to this Aqua Zumba DVD featuring Kelly. I’d love to say that it did not disappoint. But that would be a lie. The thing is, Kelly does a good job given the material. I am not sure who gave this material to her though. Remember what is the single most important element in a Zumba class? That’s right, the music. No matter how good choreography is, it cannot save the bad music.

Now I understand that I am entering a dangerous territory here. Highly subjective. I don’t like pop. That includes “Latin Pop”, and this collection has three (out of nine!) songs marked as such, even though La Bomba could have been called “reggaeton”. All three are awful. The best songs in this collection are Reggae Kumbia and Yo No Fui. As per usual, most of the lyrics here are interspersed with “Zumba Fitness”, which really gets on my nerves. (As if simply “Zumba” were not enough. But “Zumba Fitness”? “Zumba Fitness sabroso”? Yuck, yuck, yuck.)

As for MegaMix 27, I don’t feel it even deserves a post on its own. Can’t think of any usable tune from here except from a cover of Benny Moré’s Qué bueno baila usted — alas, once again contaminated by “Zumba Fitness”. And what Great Balls of Fire, More Than Words and Unislide are doing here?

Aqua Zumba Vol. 6 — Song List

  1. Vamos a la Playa — Latin Pop
  2. Hablale De Mi — Salsa / Reggaeton — by K.L.C. Clave Cubana
  3. Reggae Kumbia — Cumbia / Reggaeton
  4. Rumba y Gozadera — Merengue
  5. Yo No Fui — Reggaeton / Calypso
  6. Dime Lo Que Quieres — Salsa
  7. Shabadabada — Latin Pop
  8. Mano Pa’ Arriba — Reggaeton
  9. La Bomba — Latin Pop

MegaMix 27 — Song List

  1. El cuento — Merengue — by Omar El Spactacular
  2. Que Bueno Baila Usted — Salsa
  3. Bureo, Bureo — Urban Funk
  4. Rebolaxa — Axé — by Ceceu Muniz
  5. Cumbia del Caribe — Cumbia
  6. Unislide — Freestyle — by Jerome Haywood
  7. Great Balls of Fire — Rock and Roll
  8. Amoot Alak — Rumba Flamenca — by Bandoleros
  9. Het Is Tijd — Soca — by K-Liber4life
  10. More Than Words — Acoustic Rock

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