Saturday, 20 August 2011

Más de lo mismo

The long-awaited ZIN 34 has arrived — finally, not via England. I must say that my first impression of the previous ZIN offering was irrevocably damaged by that awful Pause, so I was really looking forward to this one.

Music-wise, is it OK but no more than that: from the opener El Amor, El Amor till closing El Amor (that’s right), not a single memorable tune. The DVD contains the one-on-one class with Maria Teresa Stone and live footage of (some of) the ZIN Day in London (8 May 2011) with Tanya Beardsley. Once again, no surprises here. Even the “surprise” appearance of Beto is not that surprising. There are couple of interesting salsa moves in Cali Ají, so I am sure I will watch this DVD again at least for that song.

Song List

  1. El Amor, El Amor — Merengue / Reggaeton
  2. Cali Ají — Salsa
  3. Caliente — Reggaeton
  4. Hey Pachuco! — Swing
  5. Mambo — Rumba Flamenca
  6. La Niña Fresa — Quebradita
  7. Mi Alma Se Muere — Hip-Hop
  8. Mi Vecina — Cumbia / Bachata / Reggaeton
  9. El Amor — Cumbia / Reggaeton

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