Saturday, 6 August 2011

Afternoon cycling

In the afternoon, I take my bike out and go to check another hotel. At least, this way I learn where is what in Corralejo and get a bit of exercise. The gyms look underused. And for a good reason. If you came to visit Fuerteventura, you must be mad to sit indoors and pump iron. You could do that in England, you know. Here you go to the beach, go for a swim, surfing, kite surfing, you name it. But if you live in Fuerteventura, and therefore non-resident of the hotel, you must be mad to pay €10 (yes, ten euro) for an hour in the gym.

And yet, what I hear is: “we have our own fitness instructors” or “there is no demand for this kind of thing”. What kind of thing?

I know, I know. UK has ridiculous number of Zumba instructors. For example: according to the Zumba website, as of today (6 August 2011), there are 190 Zumba instructors within 5 miles of Edinburgh, 199 within 5 miles of Liverpool, 283 within 5 miles of London and 286 within 5 miles of Glasgow. The supply simply must outstrip demand. But here in Fuerteventura, Zumba is almost unheard of. Therefore, no demand for Zumba whatsoever.

It is not all bad news. At the last place I visited, they gave me an email address and asked me to send my CV there. A CV! I took a look at my most up-to-date one. Not a single word there is relevant in any way, except for “born”. Better start to work on it then.

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