Saturday, 23 February 2013

I’ll say it anyway

It’s been a while since I enjoyed Zumba’s audiovisual offerings that much. The live-in-Prague class with Donna Giffen and Walter Diaz is good! Their dancing styles are very different and, as with other ZIN double acts, the synchronisation at times is far from perfect. But, for the most part, their choreo is a pleasure to watch. And it is funny (not just fun blast sizzlin’ insert your favourite Zumba cliché here). And where their routines get too complicated or, on the contrary, too repetitive, there Maria Browning picks it up in one-on-one class.

The music... is not bad either. Except for Zumba Loco, but one could guess that much from the title. (Why did they use it as a soundtrack for ZIN 43 Sneak Peek, is anyone’s guess.) I don’t really like synthpop but I have to applaud the Zumba’s take on A-ha’s hit Take on Me — brassy chorus replacing the annoying synth riff of the original, and especially the accelerating samba coda. A thumb or two up.

Song List

  1. Tu Boca — Merengue ◊
  2. Salsa Choke — Salsa ◊
  3. Shant — Bhangra ◊
  4. Arremangala Arrempujala — Punta * ☙
  5. Take on Me — Batucada / Samba *
  6. Quemando Bota — Banda Tribal ◊
  7. Zumba Loco — Hip-Hop / Dance ◊
  8. Mueve la Pompa — Electro Soca *
  9. Llamado de Emergencia — Reggaeton *
* Covers
◊ Zumba Fitness originals
☙ Spicy Lyrics

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