Saturday, 1 September 2012

Getting nasty?

A live class without Beto, Tanya or Gina: now that sounds like a good idea. Long overdue, I say. But the implementation? A class with Lindsey Taylor and Kass Martin on ZIN 40: it is just like the class with Tanya and Gina. Except without Tanya and Gina.

What’s the point of having two instructors anyway? Even though each of them quite obviously can dance, poor synchronisation makes the whole show appear messy. When Beto dances together with two/four/more other instructors... well, they may be not that well synchronised either, but at least you know who to look at for “master” routine. Here it is just not the case. (Can we have a class with Zumbatwinz next time?) And another thing: the students surely are not supposed to repeat that floor body wave. What’s this showing off for?

In One-on-One, Michael Thomas shows some interesting moves, but somehow none of his routines makes a convincing whole. The only song/choreo from this DVD I would like to try is Coisa Brasileira from the live class. That’s 1—0 Two Ladies vs One Guy.

A new feature: now songs with “spicy lyrics” are indicated with a little chilli pepper icon. So that you know.

Song List

  1. Me Va Quema el Celular — Merengue * ☙
  2. Vamos Pa’ La Pista — Salsa ◊
  3. La Suavecita — Cumbia / Reggaeton * ☙
  4. Fuera de Control — Reggaeton — by K.L.C. Clave Cubana ☙
  5. Maria — Rumba Flamenca ◊
  6. Getting Nasty — Techno Dance — by KCB ft. Lady Lauryn ☙
  7. Coisa Brasileira — Axé / Capoeira ◊
  8. Ponte los Tenis — Electro Merengue ◊
  9. Come On Eileen — Ska Punk * ☙
* Covers
◊ Zumba Fitness originals
☙ Spicy Lyrics

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